June 18, 2021

A communist propaganda post has gone viral on social media, attracting millions of views and prompting several news channels to air its content.

The post was shared by a user called kkk propaganda and it has garnered more than 100,000 likes.

The user posted a photo of a poster with a caption that said: “A propaganda poster for the Ukrainian Communist Party has been uploaded to facebook.

The poster is a picture of a communist propaganda sign.

It is from the era of communism in Ukraine in the 1930s.

“It is in Ukrainian and Russian.””

In the caption, the user said: “(The poster) has been posted on facebook. “

It is in Ukrainian and Russian.”

In the caption, the user said: “(The poster) has been posted on facebook.

There is a poster that has been sent to facebook, and that poster is in Russian language.

That poster was uploaded in Ukraine.

In 1930s Ukraine, there were many posters with messages like ‘Россияй своимати на родства’.” The user went on to say that this poster had been shared on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte.

“It has been shared more than 1000 times.

This poster is not Russian language, but Ukrainian language, and it is Russian propaganda,” he said.

The post has attracted attention from a number of news channels including NDTV and the News18 channel.

NDTV news anchor Rahul Bhatt tweeted that the poster, which is in English, had been uploaded on Facebook.”RT’s ‘Russia Today’ tweeted about it, saying that the Ukrainian poster was a ‘propaganda poster’ posted by Ukrainian communist party.”

NDTV quoted the user saying the poster had an inscription saying: ‘Менят приблинском в Селеннос в спердахо внега глаждывать редина.’

“NDTV reported that the message was posted by a person named Kk propaganda who had posted it on Facebook on December 1.

NDtv reported that this person had uploaded the post to Facebook in Ukrainian.

NDVtv also reported that it was uploaded by a Russian user named ‘Sebastian V.


NDTV said that the post was posted on December 2.

NDTtv said it had received a copy of the post, which has been translated by the RT translator into Russian.

NDCTV also reported on Twitter that the user was known as ‘Kk propaganda’.

NDTV also quoted a user named KK propaganda who was the account owner of the account.

ND TV said it was unclear what the original intent of the poster may have been.

NDTN quoted a tweet from a user of the VKontaks VKonta account who said the post had been posted to Facebook.

NDTN said it also quoted the account holder of the user account as saying that he was the one who posted the post on Facebook, but NDTV did not verify that account.

The account owner, who also goes by the name Kk, told NDTV that he did not intend to upload any propaganda post, but that he had posted one on VKontalk, a social networking site, to make his point that there were “a lot of Ukrainian communists”.

NDTV, however, did not clarify what the poster said.

NDN said that a tweet that appeared to be from Kk claimed that he wanted to send a message to the people of Ukraine, and to “make sure that they realise the true meaning of communism”.

NDTN reported that some social media users have criticised the post as being “anti-Ukrainian”.

NDtv also tweeted that it had confirmed the identity of the person who uploaded the poster to Facebook, which had been removed by the user.

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