June 18, 2021

Posted March 20, 2020 11:50:13As part of its “war on truth,” the Government of Canada is now imposing an Orwellian “truth warriors” policy on the public.

The “Truth Warriors” are a new category of government employees, tasked with investigating “controversial and misleading” media stories.

The new rule includes the creation of a new “media monitoring unit” within the Public Service Commission, which will be responsible for “monitoring the public and the media for false or misleading information.”

The “war” against truth is now in full effect.

This is part of a larger attempt to censor the media, to limit freedom of expression and to stifle free thought.

The new rule goes beyond what Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects, and is not based on any established precedent.

This rule has no legal basis and will effectively censor the news media and their sources.

The government has already banned certain websites from the Internet, and this is only the latest in a series of censorship attempts that have been implemented under Harper’s Conservatives.

Canada’s Charter is clear that the media are not the “sole gatekeepers of the truth,” and that they have a “moral obligation” to inform the public about the government’s policies and actions.

In order to be effective in this mandate, the new “war against truth” must be “consistent with our Charter obligations.”

The Government of Quebec has already proposed the creation and enforcement of similar censorship measures, including the ban on public access to the Quebecor news website.

Quebec’s public interest legislation explicitly prohibits the distribution of information to the public that is “false, misleading, or deceptive.”

Quebecor’s news content is also widely available on the Internet.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Government said: “It is very concerning that the government is trying to impose this Orwellian ‘war on facts’ upon Quebec and our citizens.

The Charter of rights and freedoms guarantees that we are free to know the truth.”

The government has not yet made a public announcement about the proposed “truth” monitoring unit, or the changes it has made to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of the election.

But it is clear from the Government’s recent statement that this is a response to public concern about the new censorship rules.

In its statement, the Government noted that “we will continue to ensure the public has access to accurate information on important issues and that the information is accurate.”

Canada’s new censorship rule is the latest of a number of actions that are intended to stymie debate and information about government policy.

These include: banning the use of the term “climate change” in media reports, the “fact check” program at the Department of National Defence, the use in the House of Commons of a “fact sheet” that falsely claimed that a government policy was in conflict with the Supreme Court’s decisions on the subject, the censorship of a website that was critical of the Canadian government’s handling of the Zika virus, and the suspension of an independent news site from the Ontario public broadcaster.

These actions are intended, at least in part, to prevent the release of “substantive” information about the Government and its policies.

The Canadian Press is a news service whose reporters, editors and photographers have been at the forefront of exposing the Government.

It is a Canadian institution with a long and distinguished history of reporting on government policy, and it has a proud tradition of independence and independence of its journalism.

We will continue reporting on the Government, and we will continue our journalism as long as it is free of censorship.

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