June 19, 2021

A British-based website has created a website dedicated to disney’s propaganda campaign against France.

The site, entitled Propaganda, is being billed as a “free, unedited guide” on how to “faux” the French revolution.

“We believe that disney has the power to change the world.

We know it can.

We just have to use it to do it,” the site states.

The aim of the site is to debunk “the lies, propaganda, and fake news that the world’s leading corporations and governments peddle”.

The French Revolution took place on June 6, 1789.

The French were protesting against a new French-imposed monarchy.

The government then declared a state of emergency, declaring it necessary to quell riots, and ordering the military to quash any dissent.

“The French Revolution was a tragedy for the French, a tragedy that is now remembered through the words of Marie Antoinette and the famous ‘Bread and Roses’ slogan,” the website says.

“As a British citizen, I would like to share my love for France with you.

But first, let’s clear some misconceptions: France was not the first country to go into exile.”

The site says that the French were not even a nation.

“A Frenchman was the first to leave England in 1793.

He left with his son, Jean Pierre, in the boat that he named ‘The Lark’.

He also left a letter with his father saying, ‘You can stay with us, if you wish.

France has never been my home and I would rather stay with the English than with you, my dear France’,” it says.

The website goes on to say that “the French Revolution had a lasting impact on the lives of millions of French people”.

The website also points out that the “French Revolution was not a revolution that ended the monarchy but it did mark a major step in the gradual democratisation of the country.

In fact, many of the key ideas that are now considered as revolutionist were adopted by the British.”

The French government has repeatedly called the “revolution” a “lie”, and that the country was not “the first country in the world to go to war”.

France has faced a lot of criticism in the past few months.

Last month, the French government issued a list of its most anti-democratic and anti-freedom measures.

In January, the country’s foreign minister called on the government to cancel a visit by a senior Russian politician.

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