June 20, 2021

Fox News, one of the most influential media companies in the world, is trying to build up the trust of Americans by telling them how they should think.

But a growing number of the country’s most influential news organizations, as well as other major news outlets, have started to turn against the company.

The latest is Fox News.

On Friday, Fox News announced that it will no longer be running a campaign of “drain the swamp” propaganda.

The network has a history of doing this, but the decision to pull the plug on the efforts to build the organization’s trust came as a surprise to many of its employees, many of whom have worked with the company for years.

In a statement, Fox said the move was made because the Trump administration was not “working as efficiently and effectively as it should.”

“We are proud to have been part of this campaign that helped inform the American people about President Trump’s plan to make America great again,” Fox said in the statement.

“We were a trusted source for many years, and it was the job of the Fox News team to share what we saw, hear and hear from our colleagues and viewers.”

Fox News has been criticized for its coverage of the Trump Administration, including for its decision to not run a story on how the White House is undermining the health care system and pushing for a new tax bill.

The Trump Administration also has been accused of being soft on Russian President Vladimir Putin and its handling of the Ebola outbreak.

Fox News is one of three news outlets that Fox News anchors and anchors-in-residence host Tucker Carlson and Shepard Smith both hold.

Fox News will no long be airing the “Drain The Swamp” campaign, the network said, adding that it is “committed to the important work we do for our viewers.”

“The goal of this program was to inform our viewers on the President’s agenda,” the network wrote.

“The president is trying everything to dismantle the legislative process, so the American public should know more about his plans and the progress that’s being made.

This is a major undertaking, and we are committed to the work.”

A recent Fox News poll showed that 60 percent of Americans said they trust Fox News more than any other news organization.

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