June 21, 2021

The NFL is making a big push this year to spread the word about the Holocaust.

And while the league hasn’t yet released its official logo for the new season, the team’s website is making fun of the Nazi party by displaying the logo.

The team’s logo includes a swastika, a symbol of the National Socialist Underground, on the bottom left corner, and the words, “We Are The Future.”

The word “The” and the letter “T” are also spelled out.

The swastika is a popular symbol of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, which claimed responsibility for a massive number of Holocaust-related murders in the 20th century.

The team’s design is a nod to that.

The logo was chosen by a group of experts that included a former top Nazi and the former chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In a recent piece on the team, NFL Media analyst John Clayton called the logo “a racist and anti-Semitic joke” and suggested it might have been a deliberate effort to stir up racial tensions in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

The logo also includes the word “f***” over a swastikas.

The word is a Nazi salute.

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