July 1, 2021

A teacher in California says she has “fear” and “loathing” about social media.

In a Facebook post, Amy Tinkler, a teacher at the Santa Monica School of Arts and Sciences, wrote that social media has changed the way she teaches.

She also said she is using it to keep a close eye on her students and to share her thoughts about the political climate in the United States.

Tinkler told KABC-TV that she was inspired to write the post after a recent meeting with a group of students and teachers.

“We’re all in the same boat,” Tinkley said.

“We all are being inundated with information that is either coming from fake news or not so real, or it’s coming from other sources.”

Tinkley is part of a national campaign by educators to address how to handle social media, which she said has been used to spread “fake news” and disinformation.

“I was really concerned about the amount of fake news out there, because I know how difficult it is to navigate those kinds of platforms,” Tinkle said.

“This is a huge problem that I am trying to address in my classroom.

If you’re not doing something about it, you’re doing something wrong.”‘

This is just not the America I grew up in’Tinkleys post was shared by students, teachers and other educators across the country.

Tinkle said that many of her peers have also been inundated.

“Some of the things that are going on are just not appropriate, and I’m trying to do my best to be the best teacher I can be,” Tingle said.

Tinker said she has heard from parents who are worried about the “distraction” their children are being exposed to online.

She said she also wants her students to understand the importance of social sharing.

“It’s just not okay,” Tinker said.

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