July 2, 2021

Posted by The Hockey News on March 20, 2018 08:16:08A number of NHL posters have been found on the ice during the past week, with some appearing to have been produced by the North Korean government.

One poster from North Korea appeared to have the slogan “The Great Wall of China will be built by the Chinese Army” printed on the front.

Another poster showed an image of a smiling Kim Jong Un and the caption “The great wall is not for us but for the Chinese people”.

The posters appeared to be made from plastic and are in poor condition, and some were in Chinese characters, while others are written in Russian.

The poster shown above, which appeared to show a smiling Chinese leader, was produced by North Korea’s National Institute of State Security (NIS).

However, a spokesman for the agency told The Hockey Review the poster was produced in Russia.

The NIS has denied the poster is part of its propaganda campaign, and it said in a statement that it was a genuine propaganda poster.

“We are sure that the image is not fake, as it has been taken from the National Institute for the Propaganda of the Victory of the Revolution of the Korean People’s Army (NIPVAA),” the agency said in an email to The Hockey Report.

The Chinese team was playing for a medal-winning team in the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The North Korean flag was flown in front of the Chinese flag during the game.

However, a spokesperson for the Korean Korean American Journalists Association (KJAJA), which organises the annual Chinese-Korean Games, said the Chinese team did not have the right to fly the flag on the field.

“The flag was not flown during the opening ceremony,” he said.

The Korean American Federation of Journalists said the flag was displayed on the Korean American Team’s uniform, and that it could have been a banner used during the parade.

“I would like to think that we have a right to be able to display our flag and we don’t have that right,” he told The Huffington Post.

“It is a little disappointing that we were able to see it at all.

But if they can’t put it on the jersey, it’s up to us.”

A spokesperson for KJAJA also told The NHL that the Chinese players were shown a banner in the stadium that showed a “Happy Birthday” sign and the Chinese National Flag.

“That flag is very important, as China has a lot of ties with North Korea,” he added.

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