July 5, 2021

Posted January 20, 2020 14:24:36 The latest propaganda poster by the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) is a propaganda poster that features a white Isis flag and a caption reading: “The Muslims are the most persecuted and oppressed peoples in the world.

They have nothing to fear from us.”

The poster, which was posted to social media by the group on Monday, is designed to appeal to young and impressionable Muslim men and women across the world, particularly in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels.

“In this world, there is no one who can defeat us,” the poster reads.

“We will take the fight to you.

This is our message.”

The propaganda poster was first spotted by social media user ‘josh_carmen’ on Twitter and quickly spread to other social media platforms, including YouTube, where it was shared more than 1.3 million times and retweeted more than 9,000 times.

“I thought it was an old Isis poster that was posted a while back.

It’s very old, and very crude.

It was actually an Isis propaganda poster,” the Twitter user said.

“It looks like the group is trying to take advantage of the current political climate and draw attention to the problems they face, especially with regards to women, LGBT people and the refugee crisis.”

A tweet on Sunday from the group’s official Twitter account also stated: “A message to the youth: the Islamic world has nothing to be afraid of.

Muslims are not enemies, but brothers, brothers and sisters.

Muslims have everything to gain.””

In our society, there are Muslims who are very proud and proud to be Muslim,” the tweet said.”

But we are also Muslims who have to face this world with the same determination as those who fought against us.

We will not let you down.”

The Isis propaganda campaign has featured posters in recent weeks that depict a young man holding a sign that reads “The Muslim world has everything to lose” and an image of a white flag with the phrase “No-one will ever take us from you” written in red across it.

The group’s latest poster, designed to attract younger Muslims to the group, has also featured images of a young Syrian girl and the words “Free the refugees, free the Muslims” in Arabic.

According to the Washington Post, Isis has previously used a similar image of the white flag as a poster during its recruitment videos, but the group has also been known to use images of black flags in its propaganda.

Earlier this month, the group released a video, which it said showed a white girl being forced to wear a hijab.

In June, Isis released a propaganda video featuring a black-clad fighter posing with a sword, as well as a graphic image of an Isis flag that depicted a white Syrian flag surrounded by a red line.

A similar video was released in January, which featured a black man with a knife being led to a cage.

In August, the jihadist group released another video, in which it showed a masked man being beaten to death by masked men.

In December, the jihadists released a short film showing a young boy, who was dressed as a Syrian boy, wearing a black hood and holding a sword.

In February, a video released by Isis showed a young woman being sexually assaulted by three masked men in a cage, before being freed by the militants.

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