July 8, 2021

French propaganda cartoonists have released a collection of cartoon images depicting famous people from the first world war.

The collection of cartoons is part of a campaign to make propaganda posters for the first time in years, which the French government has long resisted.

The campaign is part and parcel of efforts to counter propaganda on social media, which has seen millions of people share images on social networks to promote the government’s image of a unified Europe under the banner of “Europe Without Borders.”

“I think it’s really important that people should know who these people are, what they are doing, how they are making history,” said Jean-Pierre Gaudet, a cartoonist who was behind the first French propaganda propaganda poster of WW1.

The cartoonists, who work for French propaganda agency, the CGT, said they have created a collection called the “Art of the World.”

The cartoonists are known for their graphic depictions of celebrities, and Gaudets group of cartoonists has produced dozens of famous figures from the war including Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

“The idea was to do something that is very easy to share, to share a lot of the images that are in the public domain,” said Gaudett, who is now based in Paris.

“I wanted to create a poster, because I think there is an important role for people to see this, but it was also a political act, because if the posters are used, they are used against the political system,” he said.

“This is the moment when the French state needs to get rid of this propaganda,” he added.

The posters will be released by the French propaganda service, the Information Office (IN).

The posters are being released as part of the French effort to “create the image of France,” which includes a national campaign called “Europe without Borders.”

French authorities have resisted calls to change the way the country uses social media to promote its narrative.

But the campaign has been met with widespread criticism.

In recent weeks, the French Government has tried to take a tougher stance against online propaganda.

In September, the Interior Ministry announced plans to ban social media platforms from using its own advertising services and to restrict their ability to use the platforms of third parties like Google and Facebook to advertise.

French authorities also announced plans for a crackdown on propaganda through a campaign called the Information Network of Freedom of Information, orINFIE.

The effort was criticized by human rights groups for not taking into account the needs of the people and the freedoms of expression and association.

The INFIE initiative aims to create “a public space where individuals can freely express their views,” the ministry said in a statement in October.

The goal is to “exercise the rights of all citizens, regardless of whether they are citizens of France or of another country,” the statement added.

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