July 10, 2021

By Tim P. Smith-Dolan, APA President Moon Jae-in and Foreign Minister Song Young-moo will hold talks with his counterpart from the Republic of Korea, Ri Yong-ho, in Seoul on Thursday.

They’ll discuss their differences over the dispute over the South’s use of the Korean language as a diplomatic tool.

Moon and Ri will discuss issues of bilateral cooperation, including a South Korean-led effort to revive an agreement with the U.S. to restore North Korea’s nuclear program.

A joint statement from the U.”s top diplomats did not mention the issue of language.

South Korea and the U of A have been engaged in a dispute over a year over how the two Koreas should speak the language of the North.

The dispute has been escalating over the past year as the U .s. and North Korea have traded barbs.

The two Koreks have also been locked in a bitter feud over North Korea-China ties. “

Our understanding of the language and its historical importance for Korea, the U., and the world is limited and we are taking it back,” Moon said.

The two Koreks have also been locked in a bitter feud over North Korea-China ties.

Moon took office in May, pledging to strengthen ties with Beijing and end the North Korean nuclear weapons program.

He has said he will not negotiate with the North and is preparing to launch a new joint effort with Beijing to try to solve the crisis.

The U.s. is trying to broker a diplomatic solution with North Korea through the U,S.-North Korea talks that began in April.

The three Koreas have also had their diplomatic relations tested by the nuclear crisis, which prompted the U to pull out of the U.-Korea summit.

The talks have been largely unsuccessful, with the two sides often blaming each other for the problems and each seeking to downplay the other’s accomplishments.

Kim Il-sung, the father of Kim Jong-il, was the North’s first leader and Kim Jong Un, the current ruler, is his son.

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