July 17, 2021

The Avengers: Infinity Wars film has come to a close and with it the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As a result, the Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of misfit superheroes, are now a real-life part of the MCU.

With Marvel Studios now focusing on bringing the next Guardians film to theaters and then having a Guardians-centric spinoff film, it’s easy to forget how much has been made of the film.

To help make that a little more clear, we’ve compiled some of the best quotes and quotes from the film, as well as a few fun tidbits about the Guardians.

“It’s not the Avengers movie that’s so important.

It’s the Avengers universe.”

This was the gist of Guardians of a Galaxy writer, Kevin Feige, when asked about the importance of the Guardians movie, in which Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana play the Guardians, the heroes who are also the Guardians themselves.

Feige said that he was really excited to work with the Guardians because he knew they were going to be a part of this universe.

“I think it’s the movie that really defines the universe, but it’s not a franchise,” he said.

“The Guardians are a part, but not the only part.

The universe is so vast, it would be ridiculous to think that there’s just one.”

“This is a very important time for the Guardians.”

The Guardians are back.

As the movie opens, the group is at a New York City park.

In a nod to the film’s plot, they’ve all been sent to Earth to search for a piece of a meteor that is missing, and when they finally find it, they find it has a powerful piece of alien technology.

They decide to return it to their home planet of Pandora, and after discovering that the alien technology is the key to finding the meteor’s fragment, they go to Earth with it in order to find out who was behind the attack on the Guardians base.

This is the Guardians main quest throughout the film: find the fragment.

“They’re going to have to be the biggest, baddest team in the universe.”

The most iconic line from the Guardians’ film, this quote comes from James Gunn, the director of the first Guardians movie.

“We’ll be going down a road that nobody’s ever gone before,” Gunn said.

“[They’ll be] the biggest baddest guys in the galaxy, and they’re going the wrong way.”

“You have to remember, we’re still very much in the beginning stages.”

Guardians of Guardians director James Gunn says that his team of Guardians are the biggest “biggest baddest guy in the movie.”

“I want them to be all the time.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a human, a robot, a alien or whatever, we want them all in every scene,” Gunn told The Guardian.

“If you can’t get them in every moment, they’re not gonna be there in the end.”

“It will be a different universe.”

Gunn went on to state that his Guardians will be going through a whole different universe than the one they currently inhabit.

“There are some things that they will be able to do that they can’t do in this one, but I think it will be very different, because the Guardians will have to adapt to the universe that they live in, and it’s a whole new universe,” Gunn added.

“In the end, they have to find the piece of the meteor and use it to open the gate that will lead to the next part of their story.

I’m really excited about that.

Gunn continued that they would be in a new “alternative universe” that he said would be “really different from what we are used to.” “

And there’s some pretty big battles going on.”

Gunn continued that they would be in a new “alternative universe” that he said would be “really different from what we are used to.”

“What you’re going through here is something we haven’t seen in the Marvel movies,” he continued.

“You’ve never seen the Guardians in action.

You haven’t met these characters, but you’ve seen them interact with other characters in different ways.

“They were going in the right direction, but they didn’t live up to it.” “

But this is a universe where the characters have really changed, and this is where you can really see the evolution of these characters.”

“They were going in the right direction, but they didn’t live up to it.”

Gunn said that the Guardians have gone in the “right direction” in terms of their progression.

“As much as I loved the first movie, it was really hard for me to see how they were progressing in this universe,” he admitted.

“This time around, they were a bit more committed, and I think they’re really going in that right direction.

They were going into the right territory, and there’s a lot more going on, and a lot less of that space where we were just walking around and fighting.

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