July 17, 2021

North Korea’s leader has vowed to keep its propaganda system running for as long as it is needed, a statement the North Korean state-run news agency reported on Sunday.

Kim Jong Un, the country’s paramount leader and a man with considerable power, made the pledge at the opening ceremony of the National Defence Commission’s (NDC) 18th congress.

The NDC, which is responsible for North Korea, has been under Kim’s direct control since his father Kim Jong Il died in December 2011.

The country has faced increased international scrutiny over its human rights record and the impact of its nuclear weapons programme, which it has vowed not to pursue.

The statement from Kim Jong Nam’s spokesman said the country would adhere to the laws of the country, and to the constitution and laws of war.

The United States, South Korea and Japan are among countries that have been accused of pressure and interference on North Korea to pressure it to halt its nuclear and missile tests.

In January, North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan, which sparked international outrage.

Kim’s statements on Sunday came days after the North’s foreign minister warned that the country may launch a nuclear strike against South Korea if it continues to “violate” UN resolutions.

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