July 20, 2021

The image above shows the poster in Russian.

The caption reads: Trump is not a Nazi, but he is an agent of the enemy of all of us.

We cannot accept a racist leader like Trump.

The poster is clearly a propaganda poster designed to incite hatred toward Trump.

Here’s the story: We are at the beginning of the process of building a new Russia in our country.

In this picture, the two sides can be seen in the background.

The two sides have an agreement that Russia will cooperate with the United States in the fight against terrorism.

A new Russia is being built.

We must protect it.

As part of this agreement, Russia agreed to cooperate with US and Western allies in fighting the Islamic State.

President Donald Trump signed an agreement with Vladimir Putin on May 15, 2018.

Here’s the deal: The United States will cooperate in defeating the Islamic state and help our allies to achieve their goals in the region.

Under this agreement Russia will support the United Kingdom and its allies in their fight against the Islamic militant group Islamic State (ISIL), and will also help them to protect their borders.

The United Kingdom is the largest contributor to this effort.

This is a new era in Russia-US relations.

Russia has made a lot of progress in the war against ISIL and it is now an important strategic partner in the Middle East.

But, we are not satisfied with this agreement.

We want more.

At the moment we are only discussing this agreement in the interest of our common defense and security, but in the future it will be possible to create an entirely new Russia.

There are other countries who are also willing to cooperate in the struggle against terrorism, but the United Americans do not have any special interests in these countries.

We have to stop using our allies for our own purposes and start treating them like allies and partners.

After all, they are not our enemies, but they are our brothers and sisters.

It’s not about the past anymore.

We are now moving into the future and creating a new America.

What do you think about this propaganda poster?

Comment below!

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