July 21, 2021

The Russian government has launched an advertising campaign that makes the distinction between posters created in the Soviet era and those created in America.

“American propaganda posters” are the same type of posters that the US produced in the early 1990s, and “Soviet propaganda posters are not American propaganda posters,” the Russian Ministry of Propaganda said on its website.

The posters, which are part of the government’s efforts to “explore the differences between the modern propaganda and the old” and “promote patriotism”, feature the text “Russia Today” alongside a number of images of Soviet propaganda posters from the late 1930s.

The campaign also features a poster by US political commentator and political commentator George Will that depicts a US-made billboard in Moscow.

Will’s poster features a message: “I’m glad to say that we’re not just another country.

We’re America, and we’re coming for you.”

“The propaganda poster for the upcoming presidential elections is a reminder of how much the US has changed,” a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said in a statement.

The Kremlin’s campaign aims to make the distinction.

“The posters feature a clear contrast between the Soviet propaganda poster from 1935 and the American propaganda poster created in 2017,” Peskov said.

“It is very important that our public servants do not confuse these two posters.”

Will’s advertisement is not the first time the Kremlin has targeted Will’s billboard, which has become a symbol of the US campaign to undermine Russia’s democratic institutions.

In October, Russian authorities reportedly detained Will, who has been under house arrest since March.

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