July 29, 2021

It is a phrase often used to describe the conspiracy theory that a number of prominent political and corporate figures, including former US president Donald Trump, were working to establish a new, global fascist dictatorship to dominate the world.

The phrase has become a popular term for any conspiracy theory alleging that a political or corporate figure or group is working to overthrow a democratic government.

The phrase also became an online shorthand to refer to the US presidential election of 2020.

It is a term often used for any conspiratorial conspiracy theory accusing a political figure or organisation of being working to subvert a democratic system.

When it was first used in 2016, it was a catch-all term for a number that were believed to be part of the Imperialism Conspiracy, the group of influential members of the rightwing and far-right movements that formed the political base of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In the US, the term Imperialist refers to a conspiracy theory based on the ideas that an organisation is working on behalf of a totalitarian regime.

There are now more than 100 Imperialist conspiracies around the world, according to the Southern Poverty Law Centre, with several claiming that the same group is behind the global rise of Islamism, antisemitism, racism and other extremist ideologies.

‘Dirty Nazi’ and ‘Nazi’ were popular terms in the UK in the 1930s and 1940s, with a Nazi-like organisation known as the National Socialist Workers Party (NSW) frequently referred to as the ‘Dirty Nazis’ or the ‘National Socialists’ for its anti-Semitic ideology.

Today, Imperialist conspiracy theories are often used in social media platforms such as Twitter, to accuse political figures of being anti-democratic, anti-White, or are working to undermine democracy.

While it is unclear if Imperialist is the first conspiracy theory to be coined in the US and whether it is related to the election of Donald Trumps presidential campaign, the phenomenon has taken on an international flavour, with the term spreading to many countries, from Britain to Russia and Australia.

As of March 2018, there were at least 1,742 Imperialist and neo-Nazi conspiracy theories in 140 countries, according a database of conspiracy theories compiled by the US-based Information Security Project.

What is the history of Imperialist propaganda?

An Imperialist theory is a theory that is often associated with a particular political or business group.

For example, an Imperialist-backed conspiracy theory about Donald Trump has been used in Britain to suggest that he is secretly Jewish.

Another conspiracy theory, that Trump was born in the United States, has been promoted in Australia by a fringe right-wing group called the Royal Australian Army, which has claimed that he was born on the Australian mainland.

Many Imperialist theories also have a nationalist bent, and often claim that the world is being run by the global elite, and that it is the only force that can stop this.

One such conspiracy theory claims that the US is being overrun by an invading, communist-inspired alien race that wants to destroy Western civilisation.

Other conspiracy theories involve globalist agendas, including the idea that the Rothschilds are behind the current global financial crisis and that globalisation has corrupted governments around the globe.

An even more common form of Imperialism theory involves the theory that the current American president is part of a secret global conspiracy to take over the world by overthrowing democracy and destroying the country of America.

More recently, Imperialism has been linked to conspiracy theories about former President George W Bush, who was accused of being a fascist and Nazi.

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