August 3, 2021

President Barack Obama is seeking $4 billion in additional funding for China’s National Security Agency, according to a Treasury Department statement.

The additional funding will help address challenges in the cybersecurity arena that are impacting critical U.S. national interests and will enable the U.N. to coordinate its efforts in order to ensure cybersecurity is an effective tool to address threats to the global security of the U,N., Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said.

Lew made the announcement Thursday as he prepared to sign an executive order with China to combat cybersecurity threats.

Lew’s comments come as President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are expected to discuss ways to counter the U.’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea.

Trump has long criticized China’s aggressive behavior in the disputed South China sea, and his administration has called for increased pressure on Beijing over the island-building that has strained relations between Washington and Beijing.

Lew said Thursday that the administration is working with China on developing and deploying new technologies to counter cyber threats to critical infrastructure and economic systems.

The U.K.’s Foreign Office said it is providing financial support for the Uneventful Cybersecurity Initiative.

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