August 3, 2021

The American Conservatives (AC) is calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate whether the use of “tut-tut” is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) anti-trolling rules.

In a petition to the FTC today, the AC argues that the use, by the Tinkle Twins, of the phrase “Tuttle Twins” in a tweet posted in early February violates the FTC’s anti-bribery rules and could result in an investigation.

The tweet is one of a string of Tweets that have been used by Tinkle twins (who also perform in the band Tinkle) and the Tickle twins themselves, as well as by various social media accounts.

The Tweets have been widely shared, and they have been shared widely.

The petition states that the tweets have been “vastly misconstrued and misappropriated,” and that Tinkle and Tinkle twin are being unfairly targeted by the internet, as they have “been accused of the most serious criminal charges against them, for the use and dissemination of false information that harms their reputations.”AC has also petitioned the FTC to take action to block the Tumbler Twins and other Tinkle Twins from performing any more concerts, since they have engaged in the conduct.

The Tinkle Twin, who performs under the name of Tinkle, are known for their frequent appearances on YouTube, including “The Tinkling Tugboat,” “Tinkle Tug” and “Tickle Tugs.”

The TinkleTwins were also featured in a 2013 episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” and in the 2009 episode “Tuck” as a child-loving duo.

They have also performed with Tickle Twins on YouTube and YouTube’s YouTube channel.

The TickleTwins have also been featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and in other popular video productions.

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