August 4, 2021

The most popular political propaganda of the space race has been the claim that the Soviet Union had the largest rocket in the world and that the United States was behind the development of the atomic bomb.

The claim has since been debunked by science, with a recent NASA study finding that the rockets that were used to build the atomic bombs were never built at the same site.

But a new book by astrophysicist Richard H. Hoagland, published in April, is giving the claim a new look.

Hoangland, who teaches at Johns Hopkins University, claims that the Russian space program, which launched the first satellites into orbit, was responsible for developing the first nuclear weapon, even though it never actually used a nuclear weapon.

“There are no official records of the actual development of nuclear weapons,” Hoaglands book, “The Atomic Bomb, the Soviet Rocket, and the First Nuclear Weapon,” states.

“We know they existed, but they were not used.

But there are many stories of them being developed by the Soviets.”

In addition to the official story, Hoageland says the Soviet program had secret nuclear experiments that the U.S. government never acknowledged were happening.

Hoakland says the Soviets also created the world’s first satellite, and that they built it in a remote location on the far side of the Pacific Ocean.

“These satellites were designed to spy on the United Nations.

The Soviets did this by putting a satellite on the moon, and then the United Kingdom and France were trying to get a similar satellite,” Hoanglands book says.

The book was released a month before the publication of the documentary film, “Uncovering the Truth: The Untold Story of the Atomic Bomb,” by filmmaker James Randi.

Hoogland says he was trying to prove that the Soviets were behind the invention of the nuclear bomb and he wanted to disprove the official narrative.

“I was trying in a very real way to debunk the claim,” Hoaklands book states.

Hoags book has a few points of contention, however.

Hoanlands claims that some Soviet scientists were responsible for designing the first satellite.

But, he says, the first Soviet satellite was designed by engineers at the Institute of Advanced Study in St. Petersburg, Russia, which was a branch of the KGB.

Another argument Hoagels makes is that the first atomic bomb was not a nuclear device.

Hoas book states that the atomic device that was used to blow up Hiroshima and Nagasaki was actually a piece of aluminum foil.

“The atomic bomb is a very powerful device, but it was not actually an atomic device.

The atomic bomb’s main payload is about 40 kilograms of TNT, which is enough energy to kill a small population of people,” Hoanland states.

The bomb was supposed to be an inert device that could be detonated at a safe distance.

“But it did not explode as intended,” Hoas says.

Hoans claims that it was Soviet officials who designed and tested the device and the United states did not use it.

“Some Soviet scientists developed the bomb, but the United Nation did not,” Hoagan states.

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