August 12, 2021

By The Telegraph, June 11, 2018 06:30:50It was a good day for dogs, for animals and for the wider community.

As it turned out, no more sheep had to be rescued from the Cairns petting zoo, thanks to a brave rescue dog who survived the brutal attack and recovery.

The rescued dog was a collie called Chihuahua who has a medical condition that means he can only be kept as a pet for a limited period of time.

He was taken into care on Saturday after being put in a cage for five days, with his owners unable to afford to replace him.

The Cairnsie Zoo was closed for two weeks after a man was charged with murdering his wife.

The man had claimed his wife had put the dog in a crate and left it to die.

He had also alleged the dog was not his, and he did not have permission to keep the dog.

His defence lawyer said he would not seek bail, but was not ready to give up.

Chihuahuan is an aggressive and territorial dog.

He can be dangerous to people and other animals.

Chimping around with a large dog can make it very hard for dogs to feel safe and secure.

The zoo is in Cairngorm, on the Sunshine Coast, and has no dog enclosures or fencing.

It is one of the only zoos in Australia that does not have a dog fence.

Chimpanzees are the only domesticated species in the world that are known to have a natural aggression towards other animals, including humans.

The incident has been a major public health issue in the region, with people being warned to avoid areas where dogs are housed.

The police are investigating the case.

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