August 16, 2021

In an attempt to combat the spread of Chinese propaganda in the United States, we thought it would be helpful to share some useful techniques.

We will not go into detail about this, but the idea is to create a blacklist of Chinese social media accounts that have the potential to spread propaganda. 

The first step in this process is to remove a foreign social media account from the list.

This will require removing the following domains from your system: /  and  ____________________ _/  / ____/ _____/ _______________________ /____/_  (For more on this, check out our previous article on how to remove foreign social accounts from your systems.) 

Once the domain has been removed, the next step is to delete the accounts associated with the same domains.

The process of deleting the accounts is slightly different from the previous step.

The first step is removing the domain, but not the content.

After the domain is deleted, all of the content associated with it will be deleted.

This is done by deleting the following URLs and URLs in the content of the posts that are associated with those domains:     https:\/\/ _______\/twitter\/chinese.propaganda\/posts\/106065  |_______\/wordpress\/china-propagandists\/posts/102055  It is important to note that all of these URLs will be gone, but in the posts with those URLs, the content will remain in the domain.

This means that any content that you see that has links to the Chinese social network will still be there. 

You can use an app called RemoveAll to remove the Chinese propaganda posts from your computer.

You can download the app from here and install it on your computer to remove all of your Chinese social networking posts from the internet. 

After you have installed the app, you will be asked to download a file to download that will delete all of those URLs. 

 Now that you have removed all of that content associated to the domain and are all set to delete them, you can use the app to delete any content associated specifically with those foreign social networking accounts. 

To delete all the foreign social network accounts associated to that particular domain, just double click on the following URL and select Delete All: https:/\/twitter/china.propaganda/posts/102457/ _______/wordpress/chinas-propogandists/posts/?id=102456  After clicking on that link, the app will delete the content in the url. 

If you are running a VPN, it is recommended that you install the following VPN extension to bypass the firewall and allow you to easily delete foreign social networks:  VPN.NET  This will allow you unblock the content and allow for you to delete foreign Social Network accounts associated in the same way as the previous steps.

This is a very easy process that you can complete for free. 

We are glad to see the Chinese government trying to combat propaganda and spread misinformation in the world’s second largest economy.

This may sound like a bad idea at first, but it will help to combat some of the negative effects of propaganda on our society.

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