August 17, 2021

A new study has revealed how women in Australia can tell if an abortion propaganda piece is real and whether it’s being spread by people they know.

Key points: The research, conducted by the University of Melbourne, showed that misinformation on the internet is being used by Australians to push a particular agendaIt also found that women can spot fake content on social media that was intended to mislead themThe study was released on Monday and was released after the Australian Senate passed a motion calling on the Government to do more to combat the issue.

The research looked at the number of people who had shared a link to a Facebook page or a Twitter account which had posted a link or video to a post on a topic relating to abortion.

This was done on an annual basis.

The researchers also looked at whether the posts were in the same language as the original article.

They found that most of the posts that were shared were in English and had no subtitles or explanations.

But if a post was accompanied by a link, the researchers said the posts had been likely to be in English.

The findings are consistent with research that found people who shared information that they knew to be false or misleading tended to share it in English, regardless of the source.

“There’s a tendency in our research that we’ve found that we’re more likely to share fake news or misinformation in English because that’s what people know, which is a more general, mainstream audience,” Dr Kate Mckenzie, from the University’s Centre for Media and Democracy, said.

“It’s often in a language that’s more likely than English to be shared.”

The researchers found that people who saw a link were also more likely if they were aware of the article was false or misinformation.

Dr Mckendaes co-authored the study with her colleagues from the Department of Communication, Media and Social Media at RMIT University.

The study, published in the Journal of Communication Studies, looked at 1,000 people in Australia who had viewed at least one Facebook page in the past year.

They also used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to look at the content of the links and the language in which they were shared.

Dr McKenzie said that the findings showed that women who knew someone who shared an article they knew was false were more likely in their behaviour to share the article.

“Women are more likely, as a group, to share misinformation on Facebook,” she said.

Dr McKenzie said that it was important for the Government and social media companies to look more closely at how they were communicating with women about their rights and concerns.

“We need to look closely at what information is being shared,” she explained.

“The information that’s shared is likely to have a lot of information in it that is meant to be misleading, and women are going to respond to that information in a different way.”

The research is just one piece of evidence that shows that misinformation can be used to influence women.

A recent study published in Science found that misinformation used by organisations is increasingly being used to sway public opinion.

This research, by Dr Mckenny and Dr Domingo Garcia from the Queensland University of Technology, looked into the use of misinformation and disinformation by organisations, which had been shown to be more likely when people had previously received misinformation.

The team found that organisations were using misinformation to influence public opinion on a number of issues, including climate change, gender equality and the environment.


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