August 17, 2021

The anti-furry movement, which aims to stop the spread of “furry” propaganda, has become a rallying cry in the fight against misinformation.

And while the hashtag is popular in its current form, the group hopes to grow to be a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

The problem with the current meme of furry fandom, says co-founder and CEO of AntiFurry, Brian Mihalyc, is that it’s too easy to misinterpret.

“When you’re on the receiving end of a troll, it’s almost like you’re doing something bad,” he told me.

“So, we have to create a counter-movement.” 

Mihalycky says the anti-fur movement is already big enough to attract a lot of attention and resources.

The group has already started organizing anti-troll conferences in Europe, and has even set up an online campaign called “#furrycops.”

But that doesn’t mean the anti-“furry is bad” message is going to stop spreading.

Mihalo, who works in the media, is also trying to expand his reach.

The AntiFur community, he says, is “just so passionate about its cause,” and he hopes to expand to more outlets.

He says that even though he’s never been to the furry convention, he’s confident that people will recognize the message of the hashtag, and are willing to take a stand.

“It’s like a grassroots movement.

And it’s a lot harder to find people who will join you,” he says.

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