August 23, 2021

In a video of the Nazi party’s annual gathering in Munich in 1933, the party’s official photographer and narrator use their position to introduce Hitler’s speech to the assembled crowds, a performance that would later become a central theme of the German government’s propaganda machine.

The speech, in which the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party proclaimed that he was the only hope of “free, happy and free labor,” was made famous in the 1930s by propaganda posters and a TV movie that became an icon of German nationalism.

But the speech itself has never been shown to the public.

A new exhibition titled “Hitler: Propaganda Poster for All” at the Kunsthaus Königsbühl in Munich, the German capital, has just released a rare, unauthorized film shot in the late 1930s, making it the first time that the speech has been shown publicly in German media since the 1930’s.

The video, titled “Kriegsmarine,” features the leader himself, flanked by other members of the party, and is edited with special effects to look like a video montage, in addition to the footage of Hitler himself.

It was shot in late 1930.

The show’s curator, Martin Hagen, told AFP that the film was meant to raise awareness of the role the Nazis played in spreading propaganda throughout Germany, and to provide a glimpse into how Hitler’s ideology evolved during his time in power.

“The idea was to have a look at how the propaganda machine evolved from the very beginning and how the Nazis did it,” Hagen said in an interview.

The film’s director, Stefan Schutte, told Reuters that he wanted to show how the film evolved during the period, when the Nazis were trying to control the information flow, and how it has continued to evolve over the decades.

The documentary also features clips of the Nazis’ own speeches in a number of places, including speeches in which Hitler uses Nazi terminology to describe the actions of other people.

It shows how they use Nazi phrases like “We must defend our people,” and how they talk about “freedom of speech.”

The exhibition includes the original film that was made by Karl Schmitt, who served as the film’s film director, and his associate, Hans-Otto Rahn.

It is one of only a handful of Nazi propaganda films ever produced.

Hitler and the Nazis in 1932: A National Heritage exhibition at Kunstkarte Kunst in Munich.

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