August 24, 2021

From the opening of WWI, the United States Army played a pivotal role in shaping the future of warfare.

But the war, which raged from the beginning of the century until the end of World War II, was fought in far less public space than the battlefields of the world’s other major wars.

Instead of marching into battle in the open, Americans marched in private and rarely made their own battlefields known to the world.

In the first weeks of the conflict, women were not allowed to serve in combat units.

In 1875, only about one-third of the American infantrymen were women.

The war was seen as a war of liberation.

Women were allowed to enlist in the military, but they were prohibited from serving in any capacity.

The American military had become the “second-class” society.

This was one of the most consequential shifts in the history of the United State military.

For women, it marked the first time they had ever been able to join the military at all.

But women were just as often excluded from the ranks of enlisted men, and they were not permitted to join in combat missions, which had become an important part of the war effort.

Women soldiers were not only relegated to their homes, they were also prohibited from engaging in any kind of civilian or military activity, including their own training.

In response to the restrictions, many of the women who fought in the American Civil War began to plan their own campaigns to liberate themselves from the gender roles that had defined their lives as women in previous wars.

The Battle of Liberty Place, in Charleston, South Carolina, was the first battlefield where women soldiers participated.

On August 9, 1862, the Southern Women’s Army (SWA) held a major rally, demanding that the federal government recognize their right to vote and to vote in elections.

During the march, which began at the Soldiers’ Memorial, a white Confederate soldier, Robert E. Lee, shot and killed several SWA members.

After the rally, the SWA organized a campaign to enlist more women soldiers and women of color.

After weeks of recruitment efforts, women who had been recruited by the SAW were finally able to enlist.

The SAW had an especially strong women’s unit.

After months of training, many SAW members were able to march in the first-ever all-black Confederate army, the Union Army, on June 6, 1863.

The group of SAW soldiers who fought the Confederacy included some of the best-known women leaders in the South, including Mary Pickens, Sally Hemings, and Maria Shriver.

After her capture by Union troops, Mary Pickins was the only woman to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In January, 1864, President Andrew Johnson signed a bill that allowed women to serve openly in the army.

However, women had to go through military training and enlistment before they could serve in the Union army.

For most women, the draft was not an option, and many were discouraged from enlisting.

After a period of bitter internal debates, the war ended with the surrender of the Union forces on June 30, 1865.

The Civil War ended with President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all blacks in the United Sates.

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