August 25, 2021

There’s a lot of anti-Irish propaganda out there right now.

From people calling Ireland’s independence “an act of genocide”, to the anti-Muslim rhetoric of anti Brexit posters, to people claiming Ireland’s economy is in “disarray” and “doomed” by Brexit.

While most of these pieces are based on fact, some of the more bizarre are based entirely on opinion.

“I think the internet is filled with shit,” one user wrote.

“There’s always something going on with it.

The only thing we can all agree on is that the internet will always be filled with crap.

And it’s going to continue to be that way for the foreseeable future.”

One of the most common anti-Ireland pieces on the internet comes from the far-right, and comes from a website called The Guardian.

A few months ago, the site published an article titled “Irish politicians are more concerned about getting their act together than about their country’s future”.

The article claimed Irish people were less concerned about Brexit and its impact on the Irish economy than about the fact that Irish politicians “have been too quick to give in to the pressures of the Brexit camp”.

In the piece, the writer said the Government was “losing touch with reality” and said the Irish people had “no idea” how “fucked up the situation is”.

The Guardian article was based on a piece by a group called the Anti-Irish Movement, which is run by a former member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

The group has published a number of other pieces, such as a piece in which it claimed Irish leaders “had never been more scared of the IRA than they are now”.

However, the Anti Irish Movement did not respond to a request for comment.

Another piece from the Anti Indian Movement, called The Great Indian Coup, claimed the Government had “been using an army of illegal immigrants to drive the Irish population into the arms of the UK and the US”.

The author said the Indian population of India was “tired of being treated like a second-class citizen by our own government”.

While The Guardian article is a common source for the anti Irish propaganda, there’s also a much older article titled The Irish Government Is Trying To Drive The Irish People Into The Arms Of The UK and The US.

In May 2016, The Guardian published a piece entitled “The Irish Government is trying to drive The Irish people into the hands of the British and the Americans”.

The piece said: “The Government is deliberately trying to bring the Irish back to the point where the Irish are no longer a second class citizen of this country.

This is what we are told the Irish want.

But the truth is that this is exactly what the Government is doing.”

In a similar vein, the Irish Times newspaper also published an anti-Indian article in 2015.

The article, titled “The UK Government is using an Indian army of illegally immigrants to push the Irish to the back door”, claimed that Irish citizens had “never been more afraid of the Indian Army than they now are”.

But there are also other pieces published by the far right, which are based around misinformation.

One of these is “Irish propaganda: The UK is trying the Irish”.

This article from the Irish News website was written in February 2016, and stated: “Ireland has been told by the UK Government to leave the EU.

We’re not going.

We are told that the British Government is telling the Irish Government to go to the US to work and the British government is telling us to come back to Ireland.

We are told this is how the Irish will live in Ireland in a couple of years.

They are tired. “

Irish people are tired of being used as pawns in a game.

They are tired.

They want to know who the politicians are, and why they have to vote the way they do.”

Another example of a piece from a far-left anti-India website comes from The Guardian’s own Politics section.

The piece, titled ‘The EU and the IRA’, claims that “the EU is trying Ireland”.

It goes on to say: “This is a game played out between the UK, the EU and Irish nationalists, who want to see the Irish leave the country.

And we are supposed to be part of that game, because if we stay in, it will mean we lose.

We will be ‘sick’ and ‘mad’ and we will have to stay at home, like the British do.

And that will mean more ‘Irish’ immigration, and we won’t be able to support the Irish.

We don’t want that.”

And it goes on.

“The EU is not only pushing Ireland to the EU, it is pushing us to the UK.

The EU is pushing the Irish out of the country,” the article reads.

It concludes

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