September 6, 2021

The Russian media is using propaganda posters to push its version of events, which claim the former Soviet Union is a communist state with a new leader, Vladimir Putin.

A recent poster campaign called “Russia is not a communist country”, was launched by a Russian-language channel that also broadcasts to French-speaking nations and the U.K.

It is believed the posters are being used by pro-Kremlin groups, which are pushing a pro-Putin narrative that accuses the former USSR of being an imperialistic, totalitarian, and fascist country.

The posters, which show Putin standing on a podium with a star on his chest, were posted on VKontakte and other social media networks.

According to the posters, the former communist state is a democracy where citizens are free to express their views and dissent without interference.

The propaganda posters are a product of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has claimed in the past that the Russian people are proud of their country and its history.

According in Russian propaganda, the current president of Russia, Alexander Dugin, who served as an adviser to the Communist Party of Russia during the Soviet era, and a number of Russian intellectuals, are all “pro-Kiev and pro-Russia.”

The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of supporting a neo-Nazi group in Ukraine and the Ukrainian government, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), of monitoring and preventing any illegal actions by Russia’s separatist forces.

The Russian-based outlet Sputnik News has called on the Ukrainian authorities to release Ukrainian journalists who are being held by pro-“Russia” separatists.

The Kremlin is also attempting to push a pro-“Putin” narrative that Ukraine is trying to destabilize the region, using social media, news outlets, and even the media itself.

In April, Russia annexed Crimea, an autonomous territory in the eastern part of Ukraine, in a move that many Western countries consider illegal.

The annexation, which was approved by a unanimous vote by the Crimean Parliament, sparked widespread protests across the region and was followed by the seizure of government buildings by pro Russian forces.

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