September 10, 2021

Russian propaganda posters have been popping up on social media since the end of 2015, and they’ve been everywhere from the streets of Moscow to the Russian-speaking communities of Canada and the U.S. They’re popping up in the most obvious places, like news articles, videos, and photos.

Here are the best Russian propaganda photos of the year, sorted by popularity.

#1: The “Donetsk People’s Republic” poster on the front of a car is a perfect example of how to use a viral meme to spread propaganda.

A man in a gray jacket is walking through a cityscape with a map and a flag.

On the map, there’s a black square with a white border and a red dot in the middle of it.

In the middle, there is a white circle with a red border and white stars.

At the top of the map is a star.

The red dot is for a rebel-held city in eastern Ukraine.

It looks like this: #2: The poster in this photo, posted on the Internet in October 2017, shows a white, red, and blue flag with the word “Ukrainian” in it.

This picture is from a Russian propaganda poster, and it’s a great example of a viral photo.

It’s also one of the best examples of a meme.

#3: A group of people stands in front of an office building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in May 2018.

The city is surrounded by tanks and pro-Russian fighters.

#4: This viral photo of a woman with her daughter and two young children sitting outside a grocery store in Donetsk, Ukraine, is one of many Russian propaganda memes.

“You can’t tell who is an American, Russian, or Ukrainian because they are wearing the same clothes, which is exactly what makes the world so frightening and complicated,” said Tanya Kish.

This viral photo was posted by a group of Russian people in the city of Yavoriv in Ukraine.

Kish, who is from the United States, said it was the first time she’d ever seen such a viral image.

It’s a common viral meme.

In fact, it’s one of several that have emerged over the past few years.

The “Ukraine map” meme has been used as a popular meme since at least March 2016.

A poster in Yavorov, Ukraine.

Kish said the meme was created by a Russian man who was working in the region, who posted it to Facebook.

He then posted it on the Russian Facebook page “The Black Widow,” which is also known as VKontakte.

VKontackte was also known for its viral videos and images.

The photo was originally published on a Russian news site, where the caption read, “The Ukrainian People’s Army soldiers in Yalta are defending the city.

I don’t like the idea of a Ukrainian flag flying over Yaltahrvoretska [a town in the center of Yaltamiento, Ukraine]!”

The poster in the above photo was also posted on, where a user called “Fury” said he was a member of the Black Widow, a Russian organization with Russian propaganda aims.

He also posted the poster on VK and other social media sites.

There are many ways to make a viral viral photo, according to Kish, but the key is to know the audience.

She said the first thing you have to know is who is posting it.

“The next thing you should know is where it’s coming from,” she said.

“If someone says they are from the Russian community, they’re probably a member from the Kremlin.

And they’re also probably a person who’s got a lot of friends in Russia.”

A viral photo might be a meme or a meme might be an image that’s been taken in a specific location, and a poster might use it to create a viral video that’s also viral.

The viral meme will likely be spread to as many people as possible.

Here’s how to get a viral photograph of yourself.

Kifs photo with a Ukrainian soldier in the background, on a street in Yattakiv, Ukraine in 2017.

If the poster is in Ukraine, then it’s usually a Ukrainian propaganda poster.

But if it’s from Russia, then the poster might be another poster that is a part of the Kremlin, said Kish’s research assistant, Alexandra Shafron.

“They are not really Ukrainian.

They may be from the Donetsk area or from the Luhansk region, which also includes Crimea,” she explained.

Kefman’s poster from 2014.

Sometimes, a poster posted on a Ukrainian website will be a different one from the one being posted on Facebook or VKontrakt, Kish explained.

That’s why it’s important to be careful with your post.

“We don’t want to put

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