September 14, 2021

Vietnam’s state media has unveiled posters featuring pictures of communist rebels and a communist flag, but the posters are likely to be rejected by Cambodian authorities.

The communist posters were unveiled Tuesday at the country’s National Museum of Contemporary Art, and they show the countrys communist rulers, the Khmer Rouge, and the Vietnamese Communists.

Vietnam’s Communist Party launched the posters after the death of the country�s former dictator, Pol Pot, in 1975.

Many in the country are still angry over Pol Pot�s death, which led to the deaths of thousands of civilians.

Pol Pot died in 1994.

A group of about 40 Cambodian activists who created the posters had planned to make the posters for public consumption, but their plans were thwarted after the Khmers government, led by a military junta that has ruled Cambodia for more than a half century, began arresting political opponents and seizing private property.

The poster depicting Pol Pot and the Khmirt Khmer party has been widely condemned by the Cambodian people and the communist government, and it is unlikely to be accepted by the Khs government, which is in control of the nation.

Some in the Cambodians opposition have said that the posters represent a government that is more concerned about the country losing its independence than with the lives of the people, who are mostly rural, the Associated Press reported.

Khmer rebels, who fled the country during Pol Pot’s rule, took control of large parts of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.

For decades, the country has been embroiled in a bloody conflict between the communist Khmer rebels and the U.S.-backed government of former Prime Minister Hun Sen. The conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people.

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