September 17, 2021

The Kremlin is in a tight spot, with Russia’s official television channel facing allegations of using propaganda to promote its own image abroad and Russia’s far-right opposition facing accusations of spreading lies about President Vladimir Putin.

The government-owned RT, which has a worldwide audience of about one billion people, is one of the most popular Russian television channels.

But RT’s propaganda has been criticized by some in the West and in some countries for promoting far-Right propaganda.

RT has repeatedly been targeted by Western intelligence services.

RT’s deputy director has been arrested in Russia on suspicion of treason.

A top U.S. intelligence official told the Associated Press last week that the channel is “deeply involved” in the spreading of “fake news.”

The agency said it has “reviewed and confirmed that RT is at the forefront of spreading false information, including false stories about the Russian president.”

In March, the Associated General Staff of the U.N. Security Council issued a report accusing RT of “stirring up discontent and destabilizing the international order,” including “pandering to ethnic and religious minorities.”

The U.K. Foreign Office has accused RT of using its news coverage to incite hatred against Russia and sow division in the world.

Russia denies the accusations.

Russia’s state-owned television channel has also been accused of promoting “fake” news and spreading “fake stories” on Facebook and Twitter.

A spokeswoman for RT told the AP last week the channel’s staff “must not use this as an excuse to lie about us.”

“There is a strong suspicion that they’re using it as an instrument of propaganda and propaganda is spreading,” she said.

“It is a direct threat to our national security.”

Russia has long had a long history of using foreign news media to boost its own power and influence.

During the Cold War, the Kremlin employed the Russian Broadcasting System, or RBS, to broadcast broadcasts of the Soviet Union and Communist Party propaganda.

It also relied on a network of foreign broadcasters and radio stations to produce propaganda, often through the use of fake news and disinformation.

It was not until the early 1990s that Russia began to use foreign media to produce its own news.

In the early 2000s, RT, then called Sputnik, became a fixture in Russian propaganda.

The channel is funded by the Kremlin and runs on state television.

The Kremlin says the channel “exposes” and “reinforces” Western “false narratives” that are “trying to impose their will” in Russia.

RT is also a partner in RT France, which broadcasts in English, German and Spanish.

The Russian government has made RT a priority target for U.R.S., European Union and U. S. intelligence agencies, and in 2015, the U,S.

National Security Agency announced that it had hacked the channel and obtained “several thousand” internal communications.

The U,R.C. is a partnership of the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Russia, and operates a program known as RT Watch, which monitors RT’s coverage.

The R.C.’s head, Alexander Nevsky, told AP in March that the Russian government was “very worried” about the allegations against RT.

“The U. R.S.’s interference in our foreign media is a serious threat to the security of the Russian Federation,” he said.

Russia has denied the allegations.

The State Department has called RT’s news coverage “staggering” and said RT is a “global institution that has a powerful influence over Russian society.”

RT said in a statement last week: “We are confident that our reporting on the Russian media is not designed to create or disseminate false news.”

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