October 11, 2021

The Federal Government has imposed strict new restrictions on the use of the Australian Coalition Party’s (ACP) propaganda posters on the internet.

The government is imposing the restrictions on internet advertising because of “potential threats to the public’s health and safety” from the posters, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports.

It is the first time the Federal Government is taking such measures against a political party in Australia, which is led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The ABC reports the posters include “inflammatory, misleading, racist, sexist and homophobic” statements.

“There is a real risk that this political party, and its followers, may incite violence, or encourage others to engage in such behaviour, in Australia,” the Minister for Communications and Communications Media and the Information Commissioner, Andrew Colvin, said in a statement.

“This type of content may be inappropriate for the internet, and may lead to harmful consequences for Australian citizens, including the use or publication of material that might otherwise be protected by the freedom of expression.”

The content is not likely to cause any offence or harm, but may be perceived by some as inciting violence.

“The posters are being taken down by the Government because they contain “potentially harmful content”.

But, the ABC says the Government’s actions “raise serious questions about the adequacy of the measures”.”

In our view, it would be appropriate for the Minister to consult with the Australian Public Service Commission and to provide a further update of the matter before any further action is taken,” the ABC said.

A Liberal Party spokeswoman said the posters were “offensive, inflammatory and misleading”.”

This kind of material is not allowed in Australia and is not welcome in our community,” she said.”

Our message is simple.

We want a strong and strong Australia, where everyone is equal and everyone gets a fair chance.

“Liberal Party leader Christopher Pyne says the posters are not offensive, inflammatory or misleading.

But Mr Pyne has been under pressure to take action over the use, distribution and display of the posters after it was revealed that the party paid for some of the content.

The Federal Government’s move is part of an “all-out assault” on the party by the Federal Opposition, Mr Pyde said.

Mr Pyne said he would have to “look at the facts” before deciding whether the posters should be removed.

The party is “completely focused on their electoral prospects” at the moment, he said.

Liberal Party MP John Williams said it was “absolutely ludicrous” to say the posters “could be inflammatory” or “offensive”.”

The Liberal Party, the Liberal party, is not anti-anything, it’s anti-austerity, it supports a fair society, it is pro-equality, it wants a stronger Australia,” he said on Monday.”

If you’re going to use this sort of language you better get to work on it, and it better get up to speed.

“The ABC understands the posters contain “inflammatory” and “blatant” statements, the first-ever time they have been banned by the government.

These are “potent” messages, which can lead to “serious health and social harm”, the ABC reported.

Mr Pyde has called on the Federal Parliament to impose strict new rules around the use and distribution of political propaganda.”

We have no idea how many people these posters may have caused,” he told Sky News on Monday, “but they could be quite substantial, quite significant.””

We will do whatever it takes to try and stop these kind of propaganda from being put out.


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