October 14, 2021

CNN has been the source of much controversy over the years, but its newest report on the topic is particularly damning.

As the story goes, CNN’s Brian Stelter was in Moscow in September for a discussion on “Holocaust propaganda” with journalist and Holocaust denier Richard Falk, who is also a CNN contributor.

Stelters reporting on the event revealed that he had “heard the President’s speech, the President had spoken about this.

And so I got to the part where he talked about the holocaust.

And it was just incredible.”

Stelter added that “he had actually been in touch with some senior officials in the United States.

And in fact, one of the people was, actually, the director of the CIA.”

Stels words and words were picked up by other outlets, who were quick to report that Stelting had been a “senior official” at the CIA and had “talked to the President about it.

And the President was in no way denying the holodomor.”

The fact that CNN’s sources had heard him speak about the issue was not enough for the network to conclude that he was a Holocaust denizer.

The network decided to report the claims as fact, even though Stelts words were completely inaccurate.

It was a clear attempt to cover up the fact that Stels statements were entirely made in jest.

The fact is that Stocks words were false, but CNN chose to take them as fact.

In fact, CNN did not even bother to correct its own reporting on this issue, as the network did not have the resources to do so.CNN’s coverage of the Holocaust has often been criticized for being biased.

This is particularly evident in the recent reports on the holo-propaganda in the US, where it is clear that CNN does not want to report on these issues as they happen, but rather uses the reports as an excuse to further its agenda.

The recent reports, and the recent CNN reporting on them, is evidence that the network’s news agenda has shifted from fact to fiction. 

In addition to the CNN reporting, Steltenstein also had his own version of events, which is not as good.

According to Steltez, the meeting was held after the US and USSR had reached an agreement that the countries would share the “Holodomors” as a means to “promote peace and stability.”

However, Stels version of the story is not exactly accurate, as he said the “US has not agreed to the Soviet offer.”

Stels story also ignores a crucial fact: Russia had already agreed to a peace treaty with the US after the end of World War II, and even after the Soviet Union’s surrender in 1991. 

The “US” was not actually a part of the Soviet bloc.

Russia was a member of the Russian Federation, which was formally part of that bloc in 1949.

Russia had signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1949, and its membership in the Soviet alliance came to an end in 1953.

The USSR and the United Kingdom had formally joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1952, but the Soviet leadership was opposed to the idea.

Russia also refused to join NATO in 1962, a move that the United Nations has said is illegal and which led to the collapse of the alliance in 1990.

Russia remained a member and observer of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear watchdog, until 2014.

The story also fails to mention that Russia did not officially recognize the Soviet-formed Ukraine as a sovereign state until 1994, as opposed to 1949, when the USSR was the only country in the region.

In other words, Stahlts story was false.

It also fails completely to address the fact there were already several attempts at peace between the US government and Russia prior to Stels “interview.”

As reported by the AP, there were at least five attempts to settle the conflict through peace treaties before the US formally joined NATO in 1991, and in 1999, the Russian-led Interim Agreement called for an immediate cease-fire.

All of these agreements were rejected by Washington and the rest of the world.

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