October 20, 2021

An American soldier, who was on a training mission to the Soviet Union during World War II, received a pamphlet in his mail from the Kremlin propaganda bureau.

In the document, the officer described how the Red Army used propaganda to “propagate” the war to the world and how, after the war, the Soviet government would “reinstate” its position.

The document was written by an American soldier named Donald W. Davis and signed by the Soviet propaganda bureau chief and an American diplomat.

The pamphlet also gave details of the Soviet efforts to discredit American involvement in World War I. The booklet, dated January 1, 1946, was a copy of an old Russian propaganda pamphlet.

The new copy was given to Davis by an unnamed friend of the U.S. Army who received it in the mail.

The friend had it delivered to Davis at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and sent it to his wife, Margaret, who forwarded it to her sister in the United States.

According to the State Department, Davis had it stored in a folder and then “opened it to find that the original was in his desk drawer, untouched.”

Margaret Davis later told The Associated Press that she believes the document contains a list of “propaganda pamphlets” that the Soviet state had been sending to the United Nations, the United Kingdom, the U, S.S., and other foreign governments during the war.

Davis said he decided to make the document public after he read an article about the pamphlet in The New York Times, which had described it as a “propagandistic pamphlet” written by Davis.

Davis’ friend told The AP he is convinced the document is authentic.

“I don’t know if it’s a fraud or not,” the friend said.

“This is the real thing.

This is a real pamphlet.

It’s authentic.

I don’t care who the publisher is.

I know it.”

Davis said the propaganda pamphlet is the only one he knows of in existence.

“It’s the only document I have,” Davis said.

Davis, a Vietnam veteran, said he is interested in the origins of the propaganda pie, the purpose of the pamphlet and why it was sent to him.

He said the pamphlet is a collection of propaganda pamphlets written by American and Soviet officials, including the two Americans who were involved in the bombing of Dresden, Germany.

“These are very strange things,” Davis told The Daily Beast.

“They seem to be written by individuals who had very little to do with the war.”

The pamphlet is not known to be in the possession of any other American servicemen.

Davis has written two books on the war and served as an adviser to the Office of Strategic Services, the Defense Department agency that developed and disseminated the Red Cross’ wartime relief efforts.

“My hope is that we can find the authors and get their names,” Davis wrote in a letter to the AP.

The bureau has not commented on the authenticity of the document.

The Russian Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

The American government has long sought to portray the war as a mistake by the United World Powers, but Davis said it is more complicated than that.

The Soviet propaganda pamphlet was sent by an “American,” Davis says, and the Soviets never explained why they sent it.

“We never heard of any official explanation,” Davis, who has been working as a public affairs consultant to the American government since 2008, told The Beast.

Davis added that he is not trying to “shame or embarrass” the Soviets.

“The Russian propaganda is not my enemy, and it is not a conspiracy,” Davis added.

“Our goal is to try to understand what happened in the world.”

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