October 26, 2021

An online propaganda film from the CIA is being released to the public by the Russian government, the New York Times reported.

The film, titled “Das Kapital” (“The Last Capital”), was produced by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICAA), which the Russian state also uses as an academic institution, the newspaper said.

The film is being produced by a team of Russian film directors, including former Soviet dissident Ilya Sutskever, and has been dubbed into English by the ICAA.

It was released in February, and is currently available on YouTube.

“The CIA films and broadcasts from their [Russian] State Institute of International Affairs are a powerful tool for propaganda, as they allow us to understand their aims, the objectives they seek and the methods they use,” the ICTA said in a statement.

“Das, das Kapitals” depicts the Cold War era as it was, with the Soviet Union as a superpower, as depicted in propaganda films of the period.

The propaganda films depict the Communist Party’s goal of ending capitalism and the global capitalist system.

The ICAA has been an institution of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the 1990s, and also serves as an official state broadcaster in Russia.

The US has long condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine, and many have said that Russia is using its influence over Ukraine to destabilize the country.

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