October 26, 2021

Google+ has become a tool that is used to propagate a political agenda, often through fake news.

And that is a big problem.

But if you think it is just a problem of fake news, consider this: Google+ accounts are very similar to other social media platforms, which has led to accusations that Google+ is becoming a propaganda tool for the political right.

Google+ users are often described as ‘lone wolves’ who ‘vote for Trump because they want to’, and ‘don’t like to vote because they are scared of terrorism’.

They are also reported to use ‘voter fraud’ and ‘fake news’.

But what is a ‘lonesome lone wolf’ in this context?

In other words, what do we mean by ‘voting for Trump’?

The answer is ‘no one is a lone wolf’.

It’s a lot like saying ‘no person is a citizen of the world, except me’.

We don’t know what a citizen is, so what is it?

We’re not saying ‘I’m a citizen, but I don’t care’.

But we do say that citizens have a right to vote.

What we are saying is that we should not have a political debate that is being controlled by individuals who are not citizens.

It is a violation of the First Amendment, which protects ‘freedom of expression, of the press, and of the assembly’.

We also believe that we are not talking about a minority, but about a majority, which is why we do not see a lot of people supporting Donald Trump.

But there are people who are, and who are against him.

This is not a partisan debate, and it is not about politics.

This was a national conversation.

We need to understand that it is a debate about whether or not we want to live in a world where there is no place for minorities, no place where people feel safe to speak their minds, no freedom of expression.

Google and Facebook have long been accused of trying to use their power as platforms to promote a political message.

Facebook is said to have a ‘troll farm’ where fake accounts are created and spread misinformation about other users.

Google is said by some to be ‘a platform of disinformation and disinformation campaigns’ that uses fake accounts to spread propaganda.

We want to be clear that we do support a free and open internet, but we do think that it must be open to everyone, regardless of their political beliefs.

In other news: Google is reportedly planning to introduce a ‘faux news’ filter to its services.

We have a Google+ post about that here, which includes the link to a Google FAQ about the issue. 

Read more on this story at theguardian.com.

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