December 1, 2021

By Mike CernovichThe propaganda machine of the U.K. government is making an impact on the United States and its global power.

In the last two decades, the U/S.

Department of Defense (DoD) has spent more than $1.2 billion on propaganda efforts, and in recent years, the DoD has made a series of strategic acquisitions, according to research firm Stratfor.

These acquisitions include a $500 million acquisition of a video production company, the purchase of a satellite launch company, and the acquisition of “a global online marketing platform.”

The DoD is also working with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other tech giants to create content, according the report.

As Stratfor notes, “a new era in DoD propaganda has begun.”

And the influence of the DoDs propaganda machine will likely continue to grow as it becomes more widespread in the world.

Stratfor says that the DoDo, which it dubs the Digital Division, is working with “a host of high-profile corporations” to promote its own agenda, which includes “social and environmental justice,” “regime change,” and “democracy promotion.”

While this is not the first time the Dodo has attempted to influence the public’s opinion, Stratfor believes that this is “the first time it has succeeded with the public at large.”

In addition to the Dods propaganda machine, Stratford is highlighting a new effort from the DoDD’s Strategic Communications Office, or SCO, which focuses on “political and public affairs,” according to Stratfor, which is a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

The SCO is responsible for disseminating the government’s agenda through social media and other platforms.

According to Stratford, the SCO also recently “tried to influence Congress, the courts, and regulators.”

The SCA’s latest initiative involves a video produced by the Ullstein Bahn Institute, a German nonprofit organization that specializes in disseminating information about the U,S.


The video “aims to raise public awareness about the threat of climate change,” according the SCA website.

In a statement to Business Insider, the organization said the video “shows that climate change is not just a threat to our planet but is also a global issue.”

The video was produced by a “media company” based in Berlin, and it will be distributed through various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The company has already received praise from the UAW, which said it “will be supporting the DoDS video production and promotion efforts.”

Stratfor said that the video was also produced by “an industry-leading public relations firm,” the ULL.

The DoDs digital propaganda effort is being overseen by the Department’s Digital Division.

According the Dod’s website, the Digital Office “works closely with all federal agencies and departments, including DoD and the Department for Energy, to create a more efficient and effective digital media operation.”

In addition to working with the DoDO and the DoDE [Department of Defense] to disseminate the Government’s message, we also support DoD’s efforts to improve our digital operations, which include the creation of a digital communications platform to improve the efficiency of our operations, improve our coordination with external partners, and strengthen our capacity to communicate effectively and effectively with our users and supporters,” the Do dds website reads.

It also notes that “the DoDO has a strong history of providing support to public relations firms.”

The Department of Energy also announced last year that it will purchase “a $1 million media platform that will create a powerful new platform to increase DoD communications to the public and our communities, and will work with the Department and other stakeholders to ensure that DoD remains focused on promoting a positive agenda in the public square.”

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