December 9, 2021

A German newspaper has published a series of cartoons purporting to show the leader of the country’s far-right National Democratic Party, Sebastian Kurz, with the head of the Nazi party.

The paper, the Die Welt, said it had obtained the cartoons by a right-wing activist.

Kurz was once the leader and only leader of Germany’s far right, but has become a leading voice of moderation on the political left.

The cartoons appeared to mock him for not being able to get the far-left party’s votes, as well as the party’s leader, Alice Weidel, who is accused of lying about the Nazi’s wartime atrocities.

Kurzh has repeatedly denied he is the leader.

In response to the cartoons, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was appalled.

“We condemn these attacks on the democratic values of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and will not tolerate such slander,” she said.

The newspaper’s editor, Maximilian Wiegmann, said the cartoons had “disturbed the conscience of our readers” and the “most important part” of the story was that the “author is not a politician”.

Wiegman said the newspaper had not intended to hurt the Kurz family.

“But it is clear that this provocation was aimed at the German people and their democracy,” he said.

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